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Emmanuel Theological Seminary
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Emmanuel Believers Church, Kota Jn., Rajasthan
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Emmanuel Mission International is a chain of Institutions dedicated to Patriotism, Humanity, Education and Co-operation. The word "EMMANUEL" means "GOD WITH US". 'God' is 'the' solution to every problem and a spring of blessings. Every individual, child, parent, family and nation that stands with God will be blessed. The work of Emmanuel Mission began in 1960 with the vision of one man, Dr. M. A. Thomas, and expanded all over the country with the joint effort of his son, Dr. Samuel Thomas, President of Emmanuel Mission and others. It flourished under the grace of God and the support and prayers of many. It is due to Dr. Thomas’ willingness and determination that we now have thousands of churches and pastors; and over a hundred orphanages, schools and Bible Colleges.

We Believe that the Overall Progress of a Nation is Possible only Through Education.

  • We are resolute about our desire for complete literacy in our country and the overall development of students.
  • We use our national language, Hindi; English, the language which is being used worldwide; and individual regional languages for communication purposes. We respect the format of using the trio languages.
  • Our educational institutions support the expression of ideas without any discrimination due to language, sex, caste, region or religion.
  • Our educational institutions are open to the weak and distressed classes of society.
  • Through education we aim to make our children better citizens.
  • Our dream is that India will one day impact the world in the field of education.

We Believe that Religion is a Matter of Individual Faith.

  • We are proud to be citizens of India and to enjoy the right to freedom of religion as written in the Constitution of India.
  • We encourage faith towards God among people; we believe in Jesus Christ and we follow the ways taught by Him, which we consider to be the truth. Our view is that only a devoted person can come forward and serve mankind.

Service to Humanity is Our Main Goal.

  • From ancient times, serving humanity was given priority in all religions and communities. We consider serving mankind as true service to God.
  • We consider it our duty to provide and direct institutions (i.e. children homes etc.) for the poor, destitute, helpless and orphaned.
  • Keeping in mind the thought of ‘Healthy Citizens - Healthy Nation,’ we consider it as our duty to provide people with medical facilities such as hospitals, medical camps, anti-drug camps etc.
  • We consider education, providing food, medical aid and shelter for the weak, helpless, orphaned and distressed people - with no other source of support in society - as our human duty.
  • Unselfish service to all of mankind is a duty that is inspired by the thought ‘Live and Let Live’.
  • We consider it our duty to evoke a feeling of patriotism in the minds of all Indian citizens.
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