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There are more than 600,000 villages in India. Out of these, only 10% have any kind of Christian witness. The remaining has never even heard the Gospel or they are completely unaware of the living God. Dr. Thomas had long witnessed the deplorable condition of the masses and knew that he needed others to help him do the Lord’s work. Early on Dr. Thomas read the life history of D.L. Moody; the great Evangelist and personal soul winner. He was convicted one day and said, “I had rather train 10 men to share the Gospel to 100 men each than to struggle to meet 1000 men”. That is when he started the famous Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. His life story encouraged Dr. Thomas to start the Emmanuel Bible Institute. The following Word of God also helped to implant this burden into his heart. Matthew 5:1-2 says “and seeing the multitude, He went up on a mountain and when He was seated, His disciples came to Him and He began to teach them”. In 1972, inspired by this verse of the Bible, Dr. Thomas began to pray for a Bible Institute which would train and educate those willing to serve India. These young men and women would be God’s ambassadors in training. But he was told by many that he was a dreamer. They were short of money and people asked how he could even possibly think of beginning a Bible Institute.

In spite of all the discouragement, he continued to pray and God answered his prayers. He began the first Emmanuel Bible Institute in July 1972. Initially, there were only five students that graduated from E.B.I., but later the numbers increased. At the Bible colleges the students are trained to be arrows for God. After graduation, each one of them is sent to a different corner of India to preach the Word of God. Many souls are being saved through these graduates. These arrows have established Churches, Orphanages, and Bible Institutes and schools all over India with the aim to preach the Word of God in un-reached areas. They are in turn training another generation for the harvest. Emmanuel Ministries can proudly say that we have trained tens of thousands of graduates and have sent them out into the mission field. They all are willing to sacrifice their lives for Christ and are a living testimony to others. We are praying for a branch in every state of India and in each country that surrounds India. We pray the Master of the harvest will continue to send forth laborers.


Emmanuel Bible Institute is dedicated to teaching Theological academic excellence with a Biblical world and missions view. E.B.I. exists to train, equip and send out laborers into the fields of India and neighboring nations. Our mission is based on the words of Christ found in Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 9:36-38 and 28; 19, 20 verses of the Holy Bible.

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