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Dr. Thomas completed his graduation from H.B.I, Madras (now Chennai) on March 19, 1960 with a burden to serve the Lord in North India. Mrs. and Mr. Thomas, along with friends and their families, joined together and decided to go to Kota, Rajasthan. They didnít have any idea where they would get the money, what they would eat, how they would support their family, but Mr. Thomas was certain that "God would provide."

Thomasí group included Philip Abraham, his wife and three children, K.C. John and Paul Kant. Dr. Thomasí wife, Ammini was pregnant with their first child. Their financial support was non-existent and they had no funds to begin their journey of faith. They consequently decided to walk all the way from Chennai to Kota, 1500 rather than 500 miles. When a fellow student inquired out of curiosity, "What if someone dies on the way?" Dr. Thomas replied "We will bury that person and continue on our journey. If one person in our group reaches Kota in Rajasthan, or if only one person is saved along the way, our mission will be a great success. But perhaps God will yet provide the money before we leave so we will not have to walk". He was so sure about his calling to Kota that he turned down an offer by Dr. Bill Bright to join Campus Crusade in India for an adequate salary.

Just a day before his graduation, March 18, 1960, one ex-graduate and his church members contributed Rs 160 to help the team. The missionaries thanked God for His faithfulness and reached Kota by train on March 23rd. They found one room for all nine and rented it for a month. They planned to use this same space for their living quarters, meetings and devotional place. They conducted meetings, classes, worship - everything in that same room. With that small beginning in 1960 the ministry has grown into a enormous organization with numerous churches, pastors and believers throughout India. Our goal is to plant a church in each of the 650,000 villages of India.


Our mission is to reach the un-reached, disciple orphans, care for lepers and train pastors to advance Godís Kingdom.

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