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Vasanta Shankar Taikar
Vasanta Shankar Taikar Vasanta was born and raised in a Hindu family of Andhra Pradesh. He got to know about God through a pastor and gradually accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. It was very difficult for him to explain about this transformation to his father. For many years there remained clashes between them. The father kept showing his anger and disappointment on Vasanta for accepting Christ. But Vasanta trusted in God for change in his father’s opinion. God answered his prayer and a sudden change happened in father’s attitude. He himself accepted Christ as his personal Savior. Vasanta graduated from Emmanuel Theological Seminary this year. Now he is working among the Devdaasis (temple prostitute) and is enlightening them with the word of God in Toranahalli. Initially local trusties created many problems. They were against the Christians as they felt devdaasis were being converted into Christianity. But Vasanta trusts in God and believes He is in control. Vasanta is married and blessed with 4 kids. He wants to reach at least 15 villages to share gospel and also desires to build church at 5 places. We pray to God that He accomplishes all his goals and needs which are towards serving God.


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