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Children's Homes

Dr. Thomas' love for the poor and abandoned children of India had its root in his own childhood. The eldest of five of a country preacher, Dr. Thomas was acquainted at an early age with the difficulties of poverty and the pangs of hunger. He believed that God permitted him to live in poverty so that he would have sympathy and love for the poor in India.

His burden for the unwanted and poor children was awakened when he saw them in the slums, streets and railway platforms begging. He was much enthused by the Gospel of James 1:27 - "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world." This inspired him to take care of the unwanted children found in villages, slums, tribal belts and leper colonies. God moved the heart of Dr. M.A. Thomas to start an orphanage. The first Emmanuel orphanage was started in 1977 by giving a home to eight children in Kota Junction with the help of Intermission in Madras (now Chennai).

Our mission is: No child goes hungry; No child goes homeless; No child goes unprotected; No child goes unschooled; No child goes unloved; No child suffers violence. The children are provided with nourishing meals three times a day. They live here without any worry or fear. The children receive the love of a family. The children find a good shelter at the orphanage and they are offered a good standard education. All the children live in harmony and peace and with love for each other, just like one big family.

The ultimate goal of the Mission is to collect one million helpless and unwanted children and raise them up as better citizens of India and to build an army for God through them. To see this dream come true we meet their physical, spiritual and social needs. These children grow at the orphanages in love and discipline. Their basic needs are fulfilled at the orphanages. They are trained in the fear and wisdom of God to demonstrate the eternal love of God to many in the nation. At present we have over 2500 orphans in 61 orphanages all over India. The orphans who have been cared for and educated at an Emmanuel Orphanage have found love and acceptance in society. Many have secured a good place of service in society.


The mission of the Emmanuel Children Homes is to take one million orphaned, abandoned, poor and helpless children from their unfortunate circumstances - those starving to death on the streets, slums, villages and leper colonies of India - and place them in a healthy environment where they grow in body, mind and soul. We educate them to be responsible citizens of India and through their selfless service and support to serve the helpless and suffering humanity in the country.

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