Everyone is Valuable to God!

About Us

A Chain of Institutions Dedicated for Patriotism, Humanity, Education and Co-operation.

We Believe that the Overall Progress of a Nation is only Possible through Education.

  • We are determined in the complete literacy in our country and the overall development of students.
  • We use our national language Hindi, English the language which is being used worldwide and individual regional languages for communication and we respect the format of using the trio languages.
  • Our educational institutions are the supporters of expression of idea without any discrimination in language, sex, caste, region or religion.
  • Our educational institutions are open for the weak and distressed class of our society.
  • Through education we aim to make our children good citizens.
  • Our dream is to expose our country India in the field of education on the world map .

We Believe that Religion is a Matter of Individual Faith.

  • We are proud to be the citizen of India and also to be a part to enjoy the rights of freedom of religion given by the constitution of India.
  • We induce the feeling of faith towards God amongst people, we believe in Jesus Christ and in following the ways taught by Him, which we consider to be the truth. Our view is that only a devoted person can come forward for the service of mankind.

Service to Humanity is Our Main Goal.

  • From ancient time itself service to humanity was given prime importance in all religions and communities. We consider that the service of the mankind is the true service to God.
  • We consider that providing and directing institutions, children homes etc. to the poor, destitute, helpless and orphaned and co-operating with them in their activities as our duty .
  • Keeping in mind the thought of ‘Healthy Citizens - Healthy Nation’ we consider it as our duty to provide people with medical facilities such as hospitals, medical camps, anti-drug camps etc.
  • We consider educating, providing food, medical aids and shelter to the weak, helpless, orphaned and distressed people with lack of support in the society as the human-duty.
  • Unselfish service to the whole mankind and doing our duties being inspired by the thought of ‘Live and Let Live’ is been considered as our responsibility.
  • We consider evoking the feeling of patriotism in the minds of the citizen of India as our duty. We Request Your Trust and Support in Helping Us Achieve our Aims and Objectives.