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Know The President...

Dr. Samuel A. ThomasDr. Samuel A. Thomas, born in 1967, is known throughout India as a leading humanitarian. Following in the footsteps of his father Dr. M. A. Thomas - Founder of Emmanuel Ministry- Dr. Samuel is a second generation visionary for the organization.

Dr. Samuel, a dynamic leader and speaker, united with his father in the vision for "One Million Arrows" for God that continues to fuel the explosive growth of Emmanuel Ministries throughout India and other developing nations. Their vision is to see one million needy children rescued from brothels, slums and the streets of India by the year 2020.

Dr. Samuel is not only the spokesperson for the ministry; he also oversees the day-to-day operations of the ministry. With strong communication skills and a management style that encourages personal excellence, it is no surprise that his ministry team work diligently to reach their full potential in order to further the Gospel and rescue orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk children.

Dr. Samuel says: "I was drafted into my role in the ministry by the Holy Spirit. I was trying to reconcile God's call on my life in ministry with my aspirations to become a pediatric surgeon after college. When I told my parents of my dilemma, my parents told me that God didn't need my money. He wanted me! That's how it all got started."

Dr. Samuel's education includes undergraduate work at Columbia International University, a B.A. from Liberty University, and a Doctorate in Divinity from Antioch Seminary. He has also received an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Liberty University and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from North Greenville University.

During his tenure with Emmanuel, Dr. Samuel has been instrumental in establishing approximately 190 schools throughout India; overseeing 73 Hope Homes with nearly 6,000 orphaned, abandoned and at risk children; opening a hospital and a nursing school; and establishing 108 Bible Colleges, including the Emmanuel Theological Seminary in Rajasthan. He has also expanded the ministries work into other areas of need like the Dowry Castaway Women and the Rural Community Development.

An accomplished singer, instrumentalist, and songwriter, Dr. Samuel has recorded 15 devotional song albums in the Hindi and Malayalam languages. He conducts leadership seminars in India, the Middle East and in the United States. He is an internationally sought-after conference speaker.

Dr. Samuel Thomas is married to Shelley Lucas from Harpswell, Maine(United States of America). They have two sons, Steven Andrew and Timothy Abraham.